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As you may have heard, NO AD NYC is shutting down at the end of the month so that we can work on other projects and take the time to look for meaningful institutional support for the NO AD app. Before we do, we are blessed to be able to present a final exhibition from my good friend Hugh Lippe. I went to school with Hugh at the Rhode Island School of Design and we were close friends. As photography students we worked with each other on numerous projects and even presented our final graduating exhibitions together in 2002.

I have always felt strongly about Hugh’s eye. He has an uncanny ability to see deeply with his lens and find beauty in often unsettling subjects and environments. When I saw his most recent body of work entitled Another Face In The Crowd, I reached out to him immediately, knowing I wanted to present them as the final NO AD exhibition. These photos of NYC residents are intrusive and voyeuristic, and yet compassion runs through them all as I find myself deeply attached to the emotional lives that my mind builds for these individuals. A huge thanks to Hugh for allowing us access to this unfinished body of work and I hope everyone takes a moment to explore this final exhibition of photographs.


Today, 10-06-15, the NO AD app updates to feature Another Face In The Crowd, a selection of images from Hugh Lippe‘s ongoing body of work by the same name.

Another Face In The Crowd: In Hugh Lippe’s latest body of work the faces of NYC come into sharp, and often unsettling focus. These photos, taken with a telephoto lens, isolate the individual and hone in on the subject with a compelling sense of compassion. Presented here as an unfinished project and as the final exhibition for the NO AD app, we hope NO AD viewers will find a glimpse of themselves in the images presented and are brought closer to those around them. We can’t thank Hugh enough for his incredible work, so befitting our final exhibition.

Originally from Texas, Hugh relocated to the East Coast in pursuit of an art education. Having graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2002, he developed a strong foundation within the arts. His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions including the Amsterdam-based museum FOAM. Hugh has had several solo exhibitions, his most recent, “The Dirt Under My Nails” exhibited at Rare Gallery NYC.

Hugh attributes his honest, humanistic and at times ‘raw’ approach to the many colorful memories he has experienced over the years.