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New York is a city of commuters. 5.5 million riders move through its expansive subway system on an average weekday. Advertisers take advantage of this huge, captive audience by bombarding everyone with commercial messages.

Over the years, artists have attempted to take back this public space and our attention, but the system remains full of ads. This is why we created NO AD, a mobile app available now for FREE on iOS and Android. NO AD uses augmented reality technology to replace ads with artwork in realtime through your mobile device.

The app will work with dozens of common ads and will be updated regularly with new content. Try it with as many ads as possible to discover lots of new art!

Turn your commute into a curated art experience with NO AD.

NO AD is a collaboration between PublicAdCampaign, The Heavy Projects and Jowy Romano of Subway Art Blog under the umbrella of Re+Public.


Heavy fuses technology + creativity to find new modes of communicating ideas and upon existing technological and theoretical frameworks to create innovative interfaces between digital design and physical worlds in ways that provoke the imagination and challenge existing modes of communication and styles art, design, and interaction.

Jowy Romano is a native Brooklynite and founder of Subway Art Blog, New York’s premier underground art blog. He also has years of experience managing software development projects for NYC’s own Tekserve. Jowy’s other¬†projects include: Graff Cal NYC, SubCulture Zine, and Jowy’s Blackbook Podcast.